*When your laptop bag is next to your purse, grab both. If you do not, you will grab the purse and realize that you do not have your laptop when you pull into the parking lot at work. You then go home again. You are then, a dummy. 

*It is frustrating to think you have something figured out and then to learn there are 10 million exceptions. 

*Currently, I know a lot of people on the beach. I am not on the beach and would like to be. I am instead, in February snow.

*Switching my work schedule to 8-5 next week. I’m sacrificing some sleep, but it will free up some extra evening time which is more important. I also need to work at building better morons habits which is a constant struggle for me. 

*It takes 21 days for a new habit to take root. I’m going to start attempting to start a few, new better for me and my life habits and see how it goes. 

Happy Thursday all!



Yes, high quality image I know. Daymond John spoke last night at Baldwin Wallace University and I was lucky enough to attend. There were strict instructions given before the talk began that no photography, video or audio recordings would be allowed. When Daymond came out, he acknowledged the world of constant connection that we live in today and told everyone to get out their phones for three poses and that was it. He told the crowd gleefully, “if you don’t tweet it, it didn’t happen”. It was nice of him to do that, but it was also nice to see everyone, myself included, hanging on to every word without a face buried in a phone capturing the moment that was actually HAPPENING right then.

I won’t spend the time giving you a bio on Daymond John, you have google, but his story is truly inspiring. He’s completely self-made, has had absolutely nothing and now can have whatever he chooses. Daymond was very real, very amicable and was not afraid to poke fun at himself and other celebrities. It was very easy to see that he is someone that not only enjoys his life, but also what he does. His message was clear: “dream big, then bigger”. Every point that he discussed could be related to a multitude of situations, professional, personal, educational and more. The message or any part of it, could be easily transferable between situations and people and that’s part of the reason why it rang so clearly. Think about Daymond’s five SHARK goals as they pertain to your own life and write them down somewhere that you know you will see them.

Set a goal



Remember you’re the brand

Keep Swimming

My favorite line of the evening though? “Responsibility must be taken, it is not earned or given”.  Let that sit for a bit and think about what you need to do to take responsibility ANYWHERE in your life.

Seeing a super successful, motivating and engaging celebrity speak isn’t a bad way to spend a snowy night in Cleveland. Also? What song would YOU come out to if you were asked to speak at an event??


You can buy Daymond John’s new, best selling book The Power of Broke, HERE

Last night I was looking over a TON of materials for a potential new freelance job & my gut told me to slow my roll. Could I make the commitment, however small, to this new item? Why was I looking to add something new when I have other items hovering in the realm of the unfinished? I stopped right then and decided to sleep on it. I went to bed early, a rarity for me, and woke up with a new sense of clarification. I decided to politely put my involvement on hold in order to refocus and reprioritize. Thankfully, for this job, I can revisit again if I choose, but for now, it’s not right for me. It felt empowering & liberating to say no. It also felt good to remind myself to get my other stuff going and I absolutely feel like I will. An added bonus? My brain has been non stop all day, I stumbled upon some REALLY inspiring stuff that I assume was left in my path on purpose (thanks Angels!) and I’ve got some new ideas and fresh looks spilling over onto paper. So the moral of the story today? Take a step back from your computer, your schedule and yourself. Revisit and then engage. 

More to come! 


Yesterday I was Molly Motivated and Polly Positive rolled into one. I was reading an inspiring book (The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin), mapping out various freelance opportunities, working and plotting out over 50 ideas (based off the wisdom of Jim Altucher on 10 ideas) on 5 different meetings I need to schedule or projects I need to get work on. This was in addition to working a full day and squeezing in a production of Kinky Boots at Playhouse Square last night with some friends. I was up late, woke up at 3 am wide awake, couldn’t go back to sleep and now today, I am completely drained. Yesterday, COME AT ME WORLD. Today? Glasses on, hair back, will work out, make dinner and hit the COUCH. Why is it often so hard to harness the creative process? It can’t be bottled up and saved for when your forehead needs anointing with magic oil. I will say, I wish that it could be, but it can’t. I don’t know if i just burned myself out from overload yesterday and my brain and my body is telling me to slow down today, something I will say that I need to work on paying more attention to, or if i just need to push through and work on something that I wrote down yesterday.  I don’t know that there is actually a “correct answer”. I will say though that if I am actually blogging, maybe something did crack and I am already getting to work without realizing it.

Keep on keeping on, right?


I obviously have not blogged in a very long time. I have been busy, productive, lazy, happy, sad & 4 million other things in between. I’m not sure why is lost interest in throwing my thoughts here. I’m not sure about a lot of stuff sometimes and maybe I don’t need the answers. Quite possibly, I could have just needed a subconscious break. I feel lately that breaks of that nature are pushing their way into the conscious. I feel stuck. I feel summer was not summer and here we arrive at the beginning of fall. I feel like any task, needs a gigantic invisible push in order to be accomplished. My office is a disaster. I carry around a bag daily full of school, freelance & writing& book work. Some days it goes unopened. It is always next to my purse at home upon the chair. If I carry it, maybe I will open it. If I do open it, I spread the words and papers across the floor, my desk, the couch. And I feel whole. It’s maintaining that feeling. It’s giving the drive the chance to push through. And I need to work on that. I need to work on that a lot. I often feel that being creative is a burden at times. We internalize. Over process. Over analyze. Soak up the good and the bad. We crave. We burn. We mope. We all do. And we all go on.

When people are leaving boot imprints on your skin and on your soul…

It’s probably not your battle to fight or your crib to tuck in.

When people want you to fight their demons for them…

Sorry, you’re too busy stepping on your own and pushing them out of the way.

Happy 2014! Every single blog post in the new year has stated how the blogger doesn’t believe in resolutions, only goals. Are they not the same thing essentially. Is a goal more high brow than a resolution? Or is it just easier to say you failed at meeting a goal (sad face) vs. you didn’t keep your new years resolutions? Whatever. Why do we only do this publicly In January? I made a list of things to do in 2014. Some may not happen, most hopefully will. And i feel like unlike my old “monthly to do lists” that used to unknowingly give me anxiety in my journal, I think my 2014 list is a good one. Instead of boring you with my long list on how I want to save more money, do new things and eat more greens, I’m just going to give one thing I want to work on in the new year. I need to get over myself. Period. I love myself, but man, I gotta get over me. Sometimes I let things go to far into my heart, let things spend too much time in my head and spend too much time worrying about shit that doesn’t concern me and HOW it concerns me. Get over it. Sure I’m awesome, but I gotta get over that. MOVE ALONG. I found myself driving into work today in the freezing Cleveland cold and thinking:

I’m tired. I’m exhausted even. I don’t want to do this today. I don’t want to talk to anyone today. I don’t want to stop for gas later. See a pattern? I, I, I, I. Get over it. Get over yourself. I lectured myself. And know what? I had a good day. And I got over myself. For a day at least. That could have been enough. I came home a little earlier, had dinner with Mike and I’ve been in my office ever since cranking out whatever my creativity will allow before I decide my brain has had enough. If I was standing in my own way, I may be on the couch instead. I got over me and saved my Monday.

“I got pissed, I gave up, and yet here I am again”

-Patti Smith

Have a great week everyone. And if you’re in the Midwest, stay cozy.